Who and What is the “Supreme Entity”?

Now hear this transcendental declaration:

Krishna, the Son of Vasudeva is the all-attractive, all-fortunate one – not you or I! (oḿ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya)

The great Gayatri Mantra says, “meditate!” (dhīmahi)

But what is the topmost topic for mediation???

The absolute reality is! (satyaḿ paraḿ)

But how shall we meditate upon the absolute reality!?
What shall we focus upon?

 The great Vedanta Sutra defines the absolute reality as:

That creative entity from which all other creative entities in the universe spring forth. (janmādy asya yato)

This entity is all-knowing: fully aware of everything which springs from it – both directly and indirectly, and therefore knows fully well how to fulfill all its goals and intentions. (‘nvayād itarataś cārtheṣv abhijñaḥ)

Yet this entity never becomes entangled in any of the pettiness that indirectly springs from it – nor is this entity ever dependent on anything which has come from it. It is fully self-complete and independent. (svarAT)

There are many beings which have sprung forth from this entity in the history of the universe who seem nearly all-knowing and totally independent creators of all things. But you must not divert your meditation to them! All of them are dependent in all respects on this Supreme, Absolute Entity. Brahma, for example, is the all-wise creator of everything within the universe – but all his wisdom and power was granted to him by this Supreme Entity. (tene brahma hRdA ya Adi kavaye) Many other gods exist who rule the atom, the heat, the rain, the sky, space, etc. etc. Many powerful human beings also exist who are powerful and smart. They all appear to be all-knowing and all-powerful creators, but they are all dependent upon this Supreme Entity, who confuses and confounds their inferior powers and comprehensions. (muhyanti yat sUrayaH)

This entity is not only the wellspring of all creators and all creativity, it is also the fountainhead of the creative materials and elements themselves! It is only because of this Supreme Entity that the world within the realm of our experience appears to have sensible form, taste, smell, etc. (tejo-vAri-mRdAM yathA vinimayo yatra tri-sargo ‘mRSA)

So meditate upon the Absolute Entity as the all-knowing, fully-independent origin of all creativity, creators, and creation.

This explains how the absolute reality exists in relation to the world we are aware of, our own universe. But how does the absolute reality exist in relation to itself, in its own context, in it’s own world?

The Supreme Entity is an eternal and infinite manifestation of pleasures, replete with all the talents and paraphernalia required by and enjoyed in the process of such bliss. These blissful objects have a resemblance to those sights, smells, and forms which have also sprung from the Supreme into our small realm of experience, our “material world.” But the bliss and pleasures of the absolute are distinct from the dim reflections of the same known to us, because there is no sense of lack or emptiness or need driving them – no dire, miserable hunger at the root of it as is the case with us. All the pleasures and delights of the Supreme Entity are overflowing effulgences of its own naturally inherent self-sufficient bliss. (dhAmnA svena sadA)

Why is there no obstruction to the bliss and pleasures in the wold of the Supreme Entity? Because there is no falsehood there! We have given a home to falsehood and allowed it to embrace and enclose our cores. Therefore we cannot experience unimpeded bliss until we entirely cast off all lies and cheats. What is the essential lie?

The essential truth is that Sri Krishna, the son of Vasudeva is all-fortunate and all-attraction. The essential lie is that we can compete with him for a similar position as the focal point of affection, pleasure, admiration, power, knowledge, etc.

This is the lie that must be cast off if we are to realize our true potential as entity that factually exist. To meditate upon the all-fortunate beauty and attractiveness of Sri Krishna is the medicine that allows and encourages us to cast off our lie and cut our hearts free from it’s thick encrusting embrace.

The Srimad Bhagavatam is 18,000 verses of such meditation.

We have just tasted a drop of the first!


About Vraja Kishor

Invoved in Hare Krishna and Hardcore Punk since 1988 (Beyond, Inside Out, Shelter, 108). From 1992, I studied Bhagavat Gītā and Bhakti Rasāmṛta Sindhu at the Vṛndāvan Institute for Higher Education; became headmaster and temple-president in 1995; and finally distanced myself from ISKCON in 1997, setting out to start a family. In 2009 we moved to Japan, where I continued my astrology practice and began teaching English and studying Sanskrit and the Ṣaḍ-sandarbha. To date I've written about a dozen books. You can find out about them and the study courses I offer, on my website: http://vrajakishor.com View all posts by Vraja Kishor

3 responses to “Who and What is the “Supreme Entity”?

  • pragitam

    “The great Gayatri Mantra says, “meditate!” (dhīmahi)”
    The topic of meditation is Sri Krishna
    “To meditate upon the all-fortunate beauty and attractiveness of Sri Krishna is the medicine that allows and encourages us to cast off our lie and cut our hearts free from it’s thick encrusting embrace.”

    “But how shall we meditate upon the absolute reality!?”
    HOW does one meditate on Sri Krishna?
    Is it enough to chant the maha mantra or ???

    • vicdicara

      We meditate spontaneously upon whatever is in our “heart/mind.” Therefore if one wishes to accelerate the evolution of what one meditates upon, he or she must take care regarding what he puts into his heart and mind. The ears are very strongly connected, doorways to the heart and mind. Therefore to affect spontaneous meditation upon Krishna we must make the effort to put Krishna upon the pathways of our ears.

      Chanting Krishna mantra – such as Hare Krishna mahamantra – is highly effective. But for the novice such as I there is not much meaning realized in the sound alone. Therefore one is advised not only to do kirtan (chanting) but also to do shravana (hearing). The combination of the two is the most powerful. Thus one most effectively meditates upon Sri Krishna by deeply hearing and contemplating this very Srimad Bhagavatam!

      The 18,000 verses of this beautiful book are the very subject matter of Krishna meditation.

  • pragitam

    Thank you for your insightful reply.
    Hare Krishna!

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