Arjuna Remembers Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.15.1

Sūta said:

Thus Kṛṣṇa’s friend, “Kṛṣṇa” became more and more bereaved over the loss of Kṛṣṇa as his brother, the King, expressed so many fears and doubts.


Sadness had dried his mouth, and the lotus of his heart was robbed of luster. Enrapt in memory of his great friend, he could not answer.


With great effort he held back his sobbing, and smeared the tears from his eyes with his hands. He became more and more pained by powerful affection for one who was now out of sight.


Remembering his friend, companion, and well-wisher who had been his chariot driver and so much else, he turned to his eldest brother, the King, and spoke; his words stuttering and exploding.


Arjuna said:

O Emperor, I am bereft of Hari, who became our relative. Without him all my astounding strength, which amazed even the gods, is gone.


Even a moment without him makes the entire word look ugly, like all these bodies would look if they were corpses bereft of life.


By his strength, in the assembly at Drupada’s palace
During the moment she was choosing her husband amongst all the princes smitten by her.
I erased all their power and shot the arrow straight into the fish,
Gaining Kṛṣṇā [Draupadī].


In his company I could deliver Indra to Agni, from his hiding in Khāṇḍava forest;
Expertly defeating all the immortals;
Obtaining Maya to build an assembly house of wondrous craftsmanship,
In which princes from every direction brought taxes and gifts to you.


By his power, your great younger brother who is as powerful as an army of elephants
Freed all the kings from he who had collected the heads of kings at his feet
After sacrificing them to the Lord of Madness.
And all of them gave you gifts.


Your wife, gloriously dressed and bathed with a beautiful hair knot
Was caught in the great assembly of cheaters,
Who tried to untie that knot while tears fell down her face.
He turned their wives into widows, with untied hair.


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