Parikit Hears His Ancestors Glorified in Kirtan


Sūta said:

When Parīkṣit was in Kuru Jungle he heard not very desirable news: Kali had spread through his own jurisdictions. Then, with this excellent opportunity for a fight he took up his weapons.


His beautiful chariot, beneath a lion-flag and yoked to brilliantly black horses set out from the city along with soldiers, horsemen, elephanteers and charioteers.


He brought order and strength to his lands, which included Bhadrāśva, Ketumāla, Bhārata, and northern regions like the land of Kimpuruṣa.

Although the very old geography is difficult for a non-historian like myself to accurately sort out, basically the statement made in texts 10-12 is that Parīkṣit restored a sense of order and dignity to his vast kingdom, which extended far to the south (“Bhārata”), west (“Ketumāla”), north (beyond “Uttarakuru” into regions like “Kimpuruṣa”), and east (“Bhadrāśva”).

The northern regions beyond Uttarakuru are high up in the Himalayas. Various semi-human species live in these remote areas, which is why they have names like Kimpuruṣa, a term that either means, “what kind of being is this?” or “who owns this place?”


In each and every place he went he always heard bards singing about the great souls who were his own ancestors, because their fame was involved with the glories of Kṛṣṇa. He heard songs about himself, too, about how he had been rescued from the powerful weapon of Aśvatthāma. He heard songs about the great affection between the families of Vṛṣṇi and Pṛthā due to their mutual devotion to Keśava.

Extremely satisfied by these songs his eyes opened wide with delighted love. Being magnanimous, he gave the bards a lot of money, clothing and jewelry.


Hearing how the universally obeyed Viṣṇu became a driver, ally, assistant, friend, messenger, guard, follower, and respecter of the beloved Pāṇḍavas caused the king to become moved with devotion for Viṣṇu’s lotus-like feet .


He thus passed many days enrapt in thoughts of his ancestors. But pretty soon something very astonishing happened, which is what you wanted to know about.



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